Saturday, 1 May 2010

Ok, so I've just got back from Paignton BikeFestival, which is a worthy kind of gig that supports local charities, is good PR for bikers, and generally opens up the biking scene to joe public in a way that the Teutels could only dream of. I was bored (and wet: massive downpour/no waterproofs/I mean it's summer isn't it?) quite literally a mile of bikes on Paignton promenade and maybe 10 that I even paused to look at. Just standard bikes of one form or another, or off the shelf customs. Good thing was I met up with Ian, Steve, Shaun & Kev, who I rode with when I was 16 (32 years ago!!!), still riding together. There must have been about 15 of us riding out from the Saddlers Arms in Lympstone then, Sundays up to Dartmoor (last one to Moretonhampstead was gay etc.) or down to Torbay, cruising the seafront at Torquay and looking for scooterists to annoy. Not to rumble, you understand, we just used to stick orange fur on our helmets, wear silly shades ride past and take the piss. They never really got it. Anyway, out of 15 thats 5 of us at least still out there. Others have gone to great highway in the sky, but are never forgotten. I was really cheered by that. So here's Shauns bike, and a generator powered Ariel.

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