Friday, 15 January 2010

Breaking news! Just been down to give the new landlord a cheque, expecting to have to wait while it cleared, and he's given me the keys! Top geezer, his grandad bought up all the old customs buildings and bonded warehouses in 1936 to use as his wine merchant stores. I've got steps in my workshop that lead down to where French prisoners of war were kept during the Napoleonic wars, and rings on the floor that were used to lower contraband booze down to the cellars after it had been taken off the smugglers. On a more practical note, he pulled a piece of board off the wall to reveal a large electric fan, exactly where I want to put my spray room! I think I'm gonna like it here. Just hope I can make enough sponduliks to keep it. Moving in on Monday, photos to follow. Now I hear the pub calling me softly, after all tis Friday night, and I feel the need to bend some ears and bullshit till the early hours.....

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