Friday, 15 January 2010

Well, I've had a weird one. I was adopted over 40 years ago, and after much moving about the country ended up living in Exeter in Devon. Just found out that my real grandfather also lived in Exeter, about 200 yards as the crow flies from where I was living. Spooky! Back down to earth, I'm going to sign up for a workshop on Teignmouth Docks today, so me and my good mate Ian, who is a pro photographer, got slightly tipsy last night and went scouting for photo locations around the docks. It was really foggy last night, and we found some really atmospheric spots. Sadly we didn't have a camera or a bike to photograph, but he got me all fired up with his wide angle, low trajectory camera type chat, so I can't wait to do the real thing. Probably minus the six pints of old Badgers Todger.....Most of the kit for the workshops arrived now, blast cabinet, parts washer, ultrasonic cleaner, so I just need to get in there, build a spray booth and a bench and rock n roll. Nothing very exciting you may say, but I've been working out of an unlit, unpowered single garage for the last five years, so it seems like freakin heaven to me! Then maybe I'll spend more time fiddling with interesting bits of old metal than doing the old onefinger tapdancing on this ere computer thingy. I'm posting some bikes wot I like, just to repay your patience for reading this old bollix.

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