Monday, 7 June 2010

Born To Bob

Another ridiculously long break between posts. The Little Honda has gone as has the Jeep. The Golden Flash failed to make it's reserve so i'm hanging on to that for a bit, as it seems unlikely I'll get anything else finished before the Hotrod Hayride, and I'd like to turn up on something more in keeping this year. Made a good start on another Thunderbird, 1957 this time. Decided to forget about the "correct" restoration, it's just too restrictive and takes too long sourcing the right parts. The latest one will be all black cycle parts, silver tank, alloy guards, single trials type seat, bonneville bars and maybe hi-rise pipes with short megas. It should be called the Wassell special as most of the parts seem to have come from there! No cool period parts on this one, but I reckon it'll be fun. Also in the pipeline is another '55 Thunderbird, bought as a basket case with no motor. It's still wearing it's original plate BTB *** so Born To Bob is born! Swinging arm frame, but i'm using a stretched rigid rear end, the original tank, rear guard and plate which are all nicely patina'ed. Slightly rusty old chop oil tank and sprung saddle by Innocenti (Lambretta?). Frame and hubs will be off white to match the patina'ed bits. Happily searching for more rusty old shit to bolt to it. The '53 rigid frame will be a sort of Blackbird replica, like Marlon rode in the Wild one. Which leaves me with the '57 T110 which might become a Caff racer. The Beemer that I was going to bob is definitely going the budget caff route, as now I've picked up the rigid trumpets I'm really not that interested......

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