Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Slack git

Blimey! Two nights in a row, must be nearly on holiday. Tonight I have a whole raft of things to do before settiing off at crack of sparrows fart to catch the ferry at Holyhead. So of course I let The Cap'n talk me into "just one" at The Ship, our local on the back beach....three later I'm sat here at the complicator, listening to Powerage at full bore, drinking a nice Merlot and eating a "mixture of whatever was left in the fridge" omelette, surrounded by unpacked shit that looks to be a whole lot larger in volume than the panniers it's got to fit in. Oh well, WTF I cannot wait to head out tomorrow for ten days on the road and plenty of guiness and bush in the land of my fathers (well, mother really).

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